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Courses in Applied Exercise Science

100/200-level Kinesiology Classes

SM 101, SM 111 and MOVESCI 110 are set up to initially allow Kinesiology students and a limited number of non-Kinesiology students to register directly into each section during registration, on a first-come basis. Once the seats available to non-Kinesiology students have filled, remaining seats will be available to Kinesiology students, only, until the class section fills. Once the class section fills, the waitlist will become available.

Non-Kinesiology students who are interested in taking SM 217 must waitlist into special sections. The SM 217 non-Kinesiology waitlist sections are 011-013:

  • SM 217.001 — Non Kines students waitlist into SM 217.011
  • SM 217.002 — Non Kines students waitlist into SM 217.012
  • SM 217.003 — Non Kines students waitlist into SM 217.013

Kinesiology holds seats for Kinesiology orientation students and overrides are not issued for non-Kinesiology students until post-orientation. Students will receive an email when and if they are issued an override. Prior to the first day of classes, students are asked not to contact the professors for these classes to request an override. As long as students stay on the waitlist they do not need to call or email to check their status.

Classes with Prerequisites

For upper-level course work, typically 300- and 400-level courses, there may be enforced prerequisites that prevent students from registering or waitlisting. If you have an approved petition for a substitution or course waiver for a prerequisite, then you must obtain an override from the instructor.

Non-Kinesiology students interested in taking upper-level Kinesiology classes must obtain permission from the instructor. Overrides for non-Kinesiology students will only be issued post-early registration because Kinesiology students receive priority for upper-level courses.

Full Classes and Waitlists in General

If a class is full, students must join the waitlist to be considered for an override. Students on a waitlist for a class must be patient. It is unnecessary for students to contact Kinesiology offices to check the status of the waitlist. Typically, overrides will be issued from the waitlist on a space-available basis. Priority is given to Kinesiology students first, then to departments requiring Kinesiology classes, then to non-Kinesiology students, based on seniority.

Independent Study Classes, Lab Rotations, and Internships

Independent Study Classes are experiential learning courses. Students work with a faculty member to create a unique learning experience. The scope of the project and the outcome measures are typically different for each student and for each project. Students must work with a faculty mentor to complete the Independent Study Contract in order to obtain an override and register for an Independent Study Class. The contract can be found online at:

Lab Rotations are courses where a student may receive credit for working in a lab. Students must work with a faculty mentor to complete the Independent Study Contract in order to obtain an override and register for a Lab Rotation. The contract can be found online at:

Internships The primary purpose of an internship is to give the student the opportunity to apply theory in a real work setting and to develop skills essential to that setting. In addition, it may help the student review and revise career/study plans and/or find his or her first professional position.

The Internship contract may be found at:

Office of Student Services (OSS)
School of Kinesiology
1402 Washington Heights
1st Floor Observatory Lodge Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2214

Please refer to the Internship contract for specific requirements in order to qualify for internship credit. You must be a current Kinesiology student in order to receive Kinesiology credit for an internship.

For additional information please contact your OSS Academic Advisor.

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