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Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures Waitlist Policy

From the first day of registration until the last business day before the first day of classes, a member of the GLL staff will monitor enrollments and note any waitlisted courses that have spaces available. When available, a member of the GLL staff will issue an override for each open space in a waitlisted course in the order of the waitlist. The overrides issued will have an expiration date of 48 hours (including weekends). If the student does not accept the override within that time frame, it will expire. This will allow the staff member to offer the space to the next eligible student on the waitlist, who will then have 48 hours to enroll. If all students on a given waitlist have been given an opportunity to enroll, but do not do so, a member of the GLL staff will ask the Registrar's Office to drop them from said waitlist. This will allow the class to reopen for registration. Once classes begin, no overrides will be issued for closed courses without the consent of the instructor for the course. S/he has final authority on whether or not to issue overrides.

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