Digital Studies


Minoring in Digital Studies

The Department of American Culture established a minor in Digital Studies in January 2014. Digital Studies allows students to engage in topics such as video games and identity, digital culture, the role of computer code within U.S. culture, and the use of social media as a form of personal and cultural expression. These courses offer both humanistic and social scientific approaches to the study of all things digital. Digital Studies offers students the methods and tools for studying, analyzing, and writing about their everyday engagements with electronic forms of community and culture in the U.S.


Required: American AMCULT 202: Digital Culture

Electives: Four of the Following or Others as Approved by AC Advisor:

AMCULT 301 Politics of Code

AMCULT498 Race on the Internet

AMCULT 334/SAC 334 Race, U.S. Culture, and Video Games

AMCULT 301 Digital Histories of America (in development)

AMCULT 498 Numbers and Stories in American Experiences (in development)

COMM 271 Media Revolutions

COMM 315 Critical Approaches to the Internet

COMM 350 Rise of Mass Culture

COMM 362 Digital Media Foundations (pending LSA-CC)

COMM 365 Visual Culture and Visual Literacy

COMM 418 Designing Web Research (pending LSA-CC)

COMM 423 Computer Mediated Communication

COMM 425, Internet, Society and the Law

SAC 282/RCHUMS283/ASIAN 282 Asia Goes Viral: Asian Pop Culture in the Age of Social Media

SAC 367 Introduction to Digital Media Studies (SAC)

SAC 368 Virtuality and Digital Identity

SAC 368 Video Games as Culture/Form

SAC 376 Digital Media Theory

English 420 Technology and the Humanities

English 403 Digital Rhetorics

HIST 379 History of Computers