Spring 2013 Newsletter

American Culture Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Letter from the Chair

Chair Gregory E. Dowd reflects on American Culture's extraordinary year. read more

Preparing Our Students for the Digital Future

American Culture's pioneering role in the new field of "digital humanities." read more

On the Forefront: Liberal Arts at Work

Directing Undergraduate Studies with Professor Anthony Mora. read more

Joel S. Siegel

Joel S. Siegel Scholarship in American Culture Recipient. read more

In Memoriam. read more

Graduates and Writing Awards

Congratulations, Graduates! read more

AC Undergraduate Writing Awards. read more

Meet our Students 

Two of our students share. read more

Navigations in American Culture

A view from first year grad students. read more

New Faculty Publications

Recently released faculty work. read more

Recent Scholarship in the Field of Arab American Studies

Professors Nadine Naber and Evelyn Aisultany write on Arab and Muslim American experiences. read more

Wired: A/PIA and Internet Scholarship

American Culture merges ethnic studies and the internet. read more

Sonia Sotomayor and the Changing Face of Latina/o America

Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes talks about what it means to be a person of Latin American descent in the US in 2013. read more

Native American Studies

Leaders on campus. read more

American Culture's Recap of a Banner Year

American Culture's 60th anniversary at the University of Michigan. read more

The Goldring Symposium on Media and American Popular Cultures. read more