Graduate Students

  • Headshot of Bonnie Applebeet

    Bonnie Applebeet

    Graduate Student

    Late 20th Century lesbian histories and identities; epistemology of queer theory; Southern studies; intersections of popular culture and academic production; television and media studies; critical race theory; social movements;

  • Stefan Aune

    Stefan Aune

    Graduate Student Instructor 3504 Haven Hall

    19th and 20th century Native American history, biopolitics and state violence; American militarism and settler colonialism, discursive representations of race in war734.615.2632 /

  • 2015 Headshot of Maryam Aziz against brown background

    Maryam Aziz

    Graduate Student

    African American Studies; Black Power and the Black Arts Movement; Martial Arts as used by 20th Century Social Movements; Black Popular Culture Imaginary; People of Color Nationalisms; Gender and Self

  • Barba, Lloyd

    Lloyd Barba

    Graduate Student

    Latina/o & African American Religious History;Pentecostalism, Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism;Transnational and Global Religion, Missionaries;War and Pacifism;American Immigration;American West and U.S. Mexico

  • Belt, Rabia

    Rabia Belt

    Graduate Student

    19th and 20th c. U.S. History, Disability History, Legal history, Law of Democracy; History of Suffrage, African American History, American Indian History, Gender

  • Bolton, Sony

    Sony Coranez Bolton

    Graduate Student

    Critical and Comparative Ethnic Studies; Filipino Intellectual History; Queer of Color and Feminist Theory; 19th and 20th Hispanofilipino

  • Carr, Jesse

    Jesse Carr

    Graduate Student

    State sanctioned violence;Critical ethnic studies;Critical prison studies; The militarization of culture; Feminist theory; Theories of violence;Legal

  • Chaar-López 2014

    Iván Chaar-López

    Graduate Student Instructor 3504 Haven Hall

    New Media studies;Media archaeology;Latina/o studies;20th-century U.S. history;20th-century Latin American history734.615.2632 /

  • G_Felber

    Garrett Felber

    Graduate Student 3504 Haven Hall

    African-American history;Black nationalism in the Civil Rights Era734.615.2632 /

  • Cropped photo of Kyle Frisina by Michigan Creative

    Kyle Frisina

    Graduate Student

    Visual culture and performance; The built environment; African American and Native American literature; Memory of social

  • Dominic 2013

    Dominic Garzonio

    Graduate Student Instructor

    Orientalism and Postcolonial Theory; Film and Media Studies; Cultures of U.S. Empire; Arab American

  • Joseph REV 2013

    Joseph Gaudet

    Graduate Student Instructor

    Early and Nineteenth Century American History; Native American Studies; Environmental History; Borderlands; American West; Spatial

  • Liz 2013

    Elizabeth Harmon

    Graduate Student

    19th and 20th century U.S. cultural history; Nonprofit studies; History of U.S. philanthropy and the nonprofit sector; Business

  • Headshot of Kris Hernandez by Michigan Creative

    Kristopher Hernandez

    Graduate Student

    Latino American History; U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, Chicana/o, Latina/o, Tejana/o Studies; Intersections of Race, Gender, Nation, and Sexuality; Nineteenth Century U.S. Cultural

  • Headshot of Jallicia Jolly by Michigan Creative

    Jallicia Jolly

    Graduate Student and U.S. Fulbright Student, 2014-2015

    Gender, Race, Class, Empire, Sexuality, and HIV/AIDS; Reproductive Justice; Women of Color Feminisms; Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Africana Studies, Diaspora Studies; Caribbean

  • Photo of Meryem Kamil

    Meryem Kamil

    Graduate Student Instructor

    Muslim populations in the U.S.;Intersections of gender, race, and religion; Youth activism;Transnational

  • Jenny 2013

    Jennifer Kwak

    Graduate Student

    Empire; Cultures of US militarism; Cold War in Asia and the Pacific Islands; Intersections in Asian and Pacific Islander Literatures; Food Aid;

  • Joo Young Lee

    Graduate Student Instructor 3504 Haven Hall

    Transnational Media and Cultural Studies; Asian American Studies; African American Studies; Korean Studies; Mixed Race Studies734.615.2632 /

  • Photo of Katie Lennard against red background

    Katie Lennard

    Graduate Student

    US Cultural History, Late 19th-20th Centuries; US Social History, late 19th-20th Centuries; Material Culture; Visual Culture; Histories of Costume, Dress, and the

  • Emily 2013

    Emily Macgillivray

    Graduate Student

    Transnational and comparative Native

  • Headshot of Michelle May-Curry

    Michelle May-Curry

    Graduate Student

    Critical mixed-race studies; critical race theory; multiculturalism; film/media studies; late 20th and 21st Century African-American and minority fiction/children's literature; queering the mixed-race

  • Rachel 2013

    Rachel Miller

    Graduate Student Instructor 3504 Haven Hall

    19th c. Cultural History; Visual & Material Culture; Histories of Capitalism; Environmental History; Theories of Race and Ethnicity; Historical Narratives and Memory734.615.2632 /

  • Headshot of Stephen Molldrem Outside

    Stephen Molldrem

    Graduate Student Instructor 3504 Haven Hall

    Gay male subjectivity in the contemporary U.S.;Digital Infrastructures, Data Studies;Health Studies, HIV/AIDS Studies;LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies;Actor-Network Theory, New Materialisms;Science, Technology, and Society Studies;Critical, Social, and Political Theory734.615.2632 /

  • Orquidea Morales

    Graduate Student Instructor 3504 Haven Hall

    Chicana horror734.615.2632 /

  • Headshot of Janee Moses by Michigan Creative

    Janee Moses

    Graduate Student

    Oral History; Black Women in 20th Century America; Identity

  • Photo of Kate O'Connor

    Kate O'Connor

    Graduate Student

    Intersection of reproductive and racial justice; Histories of institutionalization, medicine, and public health; Adolescence and the family; Gender, sexuality, and queer theory; Late 19th-20th centuries

  • Photo of Michael Pascual

    Michael Pascual

    Graduate Student Instructor

    Queer of color critique; Visual culture; U.S. empire; Filipino-American cultural

  • Peacock, Jennifer

    Jennifer Garcia Peacock

    Graduate Student

    Chicana/o art;Environmental history;Environmental literature and literary criticism;Rural aesthetics and spatial formation; History of the Borderlands/US

  • CaVar 2013

    CaVar Reid

    Graduate Student

    Black Masculinity, Gender and Women's History, Fatherhood, and the History of the U.S.

  • Marie Sato

    Graduate Student

    Imperialism, militarism, food practice in the

  • Kyera 2013

    Kyera Singleton

    Graduate Student

    Black women’s bodies and

  • Wendy Sung

    Wendy Sung

    Graduate Student

    Comparative Ethnic Studies, Film and Media Studies, and Cultural

  • Vivian REV 2013

    Vivian Truong

    Graduate Student Instructor

    Youth organizing and critical pedagogy; Southeast Asian American studies; social

  • Headshot of Kathleen Whiteley by Michigan Creative

    Kathleen Whiteley

    Graduate Student

    Native American Studies;Native American Literatures and Theories; Gender and Women's