Requirements (Winter 2014 & After)


LSA AC Major Checklist (Winter 2014 & After)

AC Major (Winter 2014 & After) Requirements

Credit Hours:
Minimum of 28 credits

Major Prerequisite:

Required Courses (6 credits):
AMCULT 275: Practices of American Culture (3 credits)
AMCULT  498: Capstone Seminar in American Culture; others welcome to enroll as space/instructor permits (3 credits)

The remainder of the 22 credit hours can have
 no more than nine (9) hours at the 200 level.

When appropriate a course in another department might be counted as an elective course with the approval of the academic advisor.  To schedule an appointment, click here.

Students may elect to take courses under our new course guide headings (LATINOAM, ARABAM, NATIVEAM, ASIANPAM) in addition to courses listed under AMCULT.  All count towards the major.

No more than six (6) hours of directed readings and/or internships can be counted toward the major.

Breadth requirements:
Students must also have classes focused on the following Breadth Requirements at the 200 level or higher. Depending on content, one course might satisfy two or more of these requirements):

Pre-20th-Century United States
Transnationalism, Diaspora, and/or Empire
Women, Gender, and/or Sexuality
Ethnic and/or Indigenous Studies

To see recent or current AMCULT courses that fulfill these requirements, please click here.