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Resolving Academic Misconduct by Instructor Admonition

Instructor Filing a Complaint of Academic Misconduct



The Assistant Dean or designee has the authority to determine, based upon the information available, whether a violation of the LSA Community Standards for Academic Integrity has occurred and the student is responsible for academic misconduct. The student will then be informed by letter, with an electronic (email) copy to the instructor(s), of the decision and sanction(s), if any, to be imposed. Sanctions that may be imposed by the Assistant Dean include, but are not limited to:

  • a letter of reprimand
  • assigned hours of community service
  • a defined period of disciplinary probation, with or without the attachment of conditions
  • workshop attendance
  • a defined period of suspension, with or without the attachment of conditions
  • notation on either the student’s unofficial or official transcript
  • permanent expulsion from the College
  • withholding of a degree, or
  • any combination of the previously listed sanctions.

When an instructor has cause to question a student’s work based upon inferential circumstances but the student’s responsibility cannot be established, the Assistant Dean may send a “letter of warning” to the student.

Any grade entered for a student in a course in which a complaint of academic misconduct is pending, whether for a specific course assignment or the final course grade, is subject to modification after all proceedings and appeals are concluded. If the student is found responsible for academic misconduct, the course instructor is free to determine the effect the violation will have on grades assigned to the student for specific course assignments and/or the final course grade.


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