October 2013

October 2013 First Year Timeline

By now we hope that you are settled in and feeling at home.  The drop/add deadline is passed so your schedule is now set (don't forget the November 8, 2013 Late Drop Deadline).  There are several things you might want to do to ensure success this semester.

Own the Homework, Ace the Exam

Perhaps you've noticed: U-M professors sometimes seem not to care if you do your homework. This is partly because it's your responsibility, and partly because they really will collect it, but at UM "collecting homework" is called THE EXAM. The exam is often the first chance you get to demonstrate that you understand the core ideas of the course, which means you've been doing the homework — the reading, the questions, the sample problems — all along.

All along: To do well on a U-M exam you can’t just cram the night before. You have to build up your understanding of a class’s key concepts over time. It's like training for a sport, or practicing lines for a play. You have to stay on top of the reading and the homework. Often the exam just is a tool to measure exactly this: the extent to which you have taken responsibility and kept up with the reading and other opportunities (homework) to develop your understanding of the core ideas.

If you're running into challenges with self-motivation, consult the strategies put together by the Newnan's Academic Success Committee (see below) or schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.


Preparing for upcoming exams

Mid-term exam season is coming quickly. If you have upcoming exams, it might be a good idea to attend the Prepping for Tests workshop being put on by the LSA Strategies for Success Committee. The workshop is on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. in the Newnan Academic Advising Center (1255 Angell Hall).

Fall Study Break

October 14-15 – No classes, but use at least part of this time off from class to study for exams and work on projects.

Don’t forget:

  • Join a study group at the Science Learning Center.
  • Try the Math Lab for help in any math classes.
  • The Physics Help Room has instructors to answer questions, computers, and text books.
  • The Language Resource Center has study groups, advising and supplemental materials.
  • Visit the Sweetland Center for Writing to try out their writing support — either In Person or On-Line.
  • Visit your professor’s and GSI’s office hours even if you aren't having trouble in class.
  • Check out the PAAO (Peer Academic Advising Office). Talk with the peer advisors about study skills, time management, course selection for next semester, how to choose a major, or how to get involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Get involved outside the classroom.  Check out Maize Pages to see a list of U-M organizations.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor. Be sure to let your advisor know if you are having difficulty in a class.  And don’t forget advising in the Residence Hall.
  • Check out the all of the great study strategies on the Strategies for Success website.


Do your best to stay on top of things and plan your time well.  Be sure to schedule some time to have fun and de-stress


Good luck with mid-terms!!