Meeting with your LSA general advisor

In order to earn academic credit for a proposed internship through the UC 225 course, you are required to speak with your advisor about your interest in the internship, its relationship to your course of study or a considered course of study, possible link with your career path, and your own personal and professional development.  Your advisor will want to discuss the following:

  1. content of the internship
  2. hours per week/length of the internship
  3. links among curricular pursuits and extracurricular pursuits/organizational affiliations/leadership activities
  4. possible links to career path
  5. what you expect to derive personally and professionally from your experience
  6. Career Center Connector (C3) website
  7. process for getting the UC 225 course override
  8. understanding of UC 225 course requirements and website information and materials
  9. submission of required course paper/ effective use of your journal
  10. submission of your employer’s evaluation and thank-you note to your employer

TMD 9/13/09 draft