Choosing a Major

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Where are you on the path towards choosing your major? 

All But Declared? 

  • See your prospective department's website for info about pre-reqs, requirements, and opportunities for majors.
  • Make a list of your goals, a plan for what you want to accomplish in the department, and questions about the department's requirements, resources, and opportunities.
  • Schedule an appointment with a department advisor to declare and discuss your goals, plan, and questions. 

Narrowing It Down, but Still Haven't Decided? 

  • Talk to relevant department advisors about the courses, instructors, and opportunities in the department. Ask them about what their graduates have gone on to do.
  • Talk to peer advisors and/or current majors about what drew them to the field, what opportunities it has given them, and what their future plans are.
  • Take more intro classes or an upper-level class in the departments in which you are most interested. Think about related departments and take intro classes in them, too. 

No Idea? 

  • Look through the list of Majors and then look at websites of ones that look interesting.
  • Talk to people, lots of people (general and department advisors, friends, family, current majors in departments whose classes interest you).
  • Take a wide range of classes, trying out areas of potential interest.
  • Attend the Major/Minor Expo, held every Winter semester.
  • Use the 4 worksheets on choosing a major for your own reflection and to begin a conversation with your advisor.


4 Self-Reflection Worksheets:

  1. Exploring the unknown "Wow / Interesting / Pass"
  2. Exploring your many sides "Me, Myself, and I"
  3. Examining academic differences "Everyone Asks Questions"
  4. Acknowledging influences "Push/Pull"

Choosing a Major—FAQs

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Majors/Minors Expo

The Major/Minor Expo is the focal point of Major/Minor Week, during which departments across LSA put on events designed to aid you in your selection of a major or a minor, and many of these sessions address career questions and concerns as well.


Focus is designed to be an easy starting point for students exploring majors and minors