Study Abroad

Although there are many science prerequisites, students can consult with a health professions academic advisor to lay out an academic plan that includes a semester or year abroad.

Very often students wonder how they can both go overseas and take their MCAT in April of their Junior year. One fact to keep in mind is that students can arrange to take the MCAT while living abroad. The MCAT is offered in various cities around the world:

ENGLAND - London
FRANCE - St. Cloud
GERMANY - Munich
ISRAEL - Tel Aviv
JAPAN - Tokyo
LEBANON - Beirut
SINGAPORE - Singapore

Health professions students may want to look into programs that offer a pre-medical curriculum, such as King's College, University of London, School of Medicine and Dentistry and School of Life, Basic Medical, and Health Sciences or Lancester University.

For more information call: Center for Global and Intercultural Study, 734-764-4311.