Summer Enrichment / Other Opportunities

Students who plan on going to medical school or beginning graduate work in another health profession right after they graduate should not rule out participating in special opportunities offered by the University of Michigan's Undergraduate program or by various other institutions across the country.

Depending on their personal academic interests, students can participate in spring or summer program such as the New England Literature Program; the UM Biological Station; the Camp Davis Rocky Mountain Field Station courses in Jackson, Wyoming; Summer Biomedical Research, and the National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Research Programs. Students considering research during the school year can consider the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Such programs offer great opportunities for intense study between students and faculty.

With careful planning, pre-health professions students can opt to study abroad for a semester or year. It is highly recommended that students not take required pre-med science courses while abroad, but rather take advantage of the multitude of courses offered to learn about the country's history and culture. The experience gained from living in another country and improving one's fluency in a foreign language is invaluable.