Student Organizations and Volunteer Opportunities

Kappa Alpha Pi

Kappa Alpha Pi is a co-ed undergraduate Pre-Law Fraternity. The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to foster knowledge of the law for undergraduate students; to provide service to the greater community and campus; to promote a strong sense of fraternalism among members; to uphold the ideals and integrity of Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Co-ed Fraternity; so that each member may advance his and her intellect while contributing actively to the well-being of others.

Michigan Pre-Law Society

The Michigan Pre-Law Society strives to promote a greater understanding of the field of law to all interested undergraduate students.

Black Undergraduate Law Association (BULA)

The Black Undergraduate Law Association is a Kaplan endorsed, student run, pre-professional organization that seeks to inform, enlighten, and empower motivated University of Michigan students to pursue the vast opportunities and rewards of a legal career.

Michigan Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial is a competitive intercollegiate extracurricular activity where a team performs the roles of attorneys and witnesses in simulated court cases. In competition, one university's plaintiff competes against another university's defense, and vice versa. Mock Trial helps to develop communication, public speaking and critical thinking skills. Members of a mock trial team also learn real courtroom procedure and become experts in the Federal Rules of Evidence. During a round, each side presents an opening statement, three witnesses, and a closing argument during the three hour trial. We are judged by attorneys and judges from the local area who volunteer their time.

U-M Debate Team

The University of Michigan Intercollegiate Debating Team was one of the nation's first intercollegiate forensics teams, founded in 1890. From that time until today the Debating Team has excelled in teaching critical thinking skills and persuasive communication techniques.