Law school atmosphere (including discussion/links relevant to minority students)

Law school atmosphere (including discussion/links relevant to minority students)- Needs Content

Curriculum (concentrations? specialties?)

Curriculum (concentrations? specialties?) - Needs Content

Equal Justice Works

The E-Guide to Public Service at America's Law Schools  is a free online database of information for more than 150 law schools. The product of a unique collaboration between Equal Justice Works and participating law schools, The E-Guide fills the void in existing commercial law school rankings by supplying extensive data on the availability of clinical and externship programs, public interest curricula, scholarships and loan repayment assistance, and public service programs. Eschewing a ranking format in order to promote a more informed and sophisticated consumer, The E-Guide allows users to explore individual schools in-depth or easily compare schools based on the criteria most relevant to them.


NAPLA Law School Locator (2010-11) (PDF)

The Locator matrix groups schools according to the median LSAT and GPA of their entering classes. If you locate the cell in which your own GPA and LSAT scores fall, you can identify ...

Researching Law Schools Spreadsheet (Excel spreadsheet)