Transfer Credit Equivalencies

Please read carefully.

Transfer Credit Equivalencies listed on this page are for college students only; high school students, depending on individual circumstances, may or may not receive transfer credit for courses if elected while in high school.

These resources will tell you if a course will transfer, but how the credit will work in your degree is more complicated.

Here are three warnings about interpreting the information correctly.

  1. The credit hours posted to the UM transcript are usually the number of credits granted at the offering institution.  There are exceptions; for example, please see Transfer Credit from a Quarter-Calendar School if you're taking classes at a school on the quarter system.
  2. Community college credits may or may not transfer for you.
  3. Basic foreign language credits do transfer here, but these equivalencies show how the College will evaluate language courses for students entering LSA for the first time.  Once a student has started coursework in the College, language departments do not allow courses from elsewhere to meet the language requirement without special permission.

If a course you'd like to take isn't listed, you need to request a pre-evaluation from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (Student Activities Building). An on-line form for requesting pre-evaluation can be found at:

For a demo-only version of this Transfer Credit Equivalency Request form, click here.  

An official evaluation is done upon receipt of an official transcript. You may consult your advisor regarding distribution or major requirements.