Reasons for Suspension

Students may be suspended from the College

  1. for incurring a significant honor point deficit in a single term or half-term,
  2. for failure to make satisfactory progress toward a degree, or
  3. for any other reason deemed sufficient under the academic discipline policies of the LS&A Academic Standards Board.

The Board requires suspended students to be out of registration for 14 weeks of a Fall or Winter semester. Unless there is a significant honor point deficit the first term, the Board places first-year students on probation and permits them a second term of enrollment to improve their academic performance. Similarly, the Board gives transfer students special consideration unless the first term's work in residence shows marked inability to meet the academic standards of the College. However, there is no automatic, one-term probation period before the Board suspends a student from the College.

Students appealing a suspension must have an interview with a member of the Academic Standards Board at least 8 weeks prior to the term they would like to return. During this appointment, the Board member and the student will explore the reasons for the student's poor academic performance, the College's academic standards for enrollment, and readmission requirements. The student and Board member will examine all factors bearing upon past academic performance. With the petitioning guidelines the Board member explains to the student, the student may then submit the petition to the Board at least 6 weeks prior to the term the student would like to return. The petition should reflect a student's insight into the causes and resolution of past academic difficulties. In reaching a decision, members of the Academic Standards Board consider the student's academic promise and any special circumstances that may have contributed to past unsatisfactory academic performance.

Students many petition for reinstatement only once per term.

The Board encourages recently suspended students to meet with a Board member soon after they have received notification of their suspension to determine what they must undertake for reinstatement. Typically the Board requires students to complete coursework successfully (Bs or better) at another two- or four-year institution prior to their readmission to the College. Depending on the reasons for the student's academic difficulties, the Board may also require medical verification of the student's readiness to resume academic work. Please refer to the "Frequently Asked Questions about Suspension".