The Board can suspend students after any term of enrollment, including the first; there is no automatic, one-term probation period before the Board will suspend a student from the College.  A term GPA close to or equal to 0.00 will cause the Board to place a suspend action on a student record, as will significant failure to achieve a GPA of at least 2.0 in the student’s declared major.  Thus, students may find themselves suspended after one term of very poor academic performance.  Academic suspension is not punitive; rather, it aims to prevent further damage to the student’s GPA. Students whom the Board suspends must remain out of registration for at least one Fall or Winter semester and then request readmission through a written petition that they must submit at least 6 weeks prior to the term they hope to return.   

The Board carefully reviews students’ academic records at the end of each semester in order to determine the appropriate academic action to take on them.  Records with poor or failing grades indicate that serious obstacles are preventing academic success, obstacles that students need to address before continuing their studies.  Suspension will allow students the time to confront these obstacles so that they may return ready to perform successfully and ultimately to graduate.  Board members are available to suspended students to help them plan their next best steps after learning about their suspension.