Consulting with Faculty

An important component of academic success at The University of Michigan is how well students connect with the faculty on campus whether through a research experience, an internship or office hours. Consult the following pages to learn how to make that connection.

Obtaining Letters of Recommendation

Obtaining letters of reference is not something that can be done in one semester, so plan ahead. Start developing relationships now. Find an instructor that you like and take another class with him/her. See if you can do a research project or independent study with the instructor. Be proactive. It is easy to sit through four years of class at UM and never get to know a instructor, but don’t let that happen. Make the effort. Stand out in class. Go to office hours. Get involved. Join UROP. Go on a Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU). There are many ways to know instructors; find one that works for you

Using Office Hours Effectively

Many college students steer clear of office hours because they are intimated by a professor, they fear they will ask a stupid question or they have missed several classes, so they feel “out of the loop.” Perhaps what students don’t realize is that instructors value office hours because they are able to have the one-on-one interactions with students that are not possible in a large lecture. This intimate interaction allows instructors to address specific student needs, which can result in students gaining a better understanding of class material, learning how to study more effectively for the class, and/or discovering other courses and opportunities that will help them to enhance their experiences at the University of Michigan.