LSA Requirement Checklist

LSA Requirement Checklist
See the LSA Degrees and Requirements pages for details on any of these requirements

LSA Credit Requirements
____ 120 minimum overall credits
        ___124 for BS-Chemistry candidates
        ___130 for students pursuing concurrent teaching certificate
        ___150 for students enrolled in joint degree program with another school
____ 100 minimum LSA credits

____ 60 minimum B.S. credits (Bachelor of Science candidates only)

____ 90 non-Experiential/non-Independent study credits combined

____ 60 minimum credits outside of department or major

Grade Requirements
____ 2.000 minimum cumulative overall GPA
____ 2.000 minimum cumulative major/minor GPA

____ 90 minimum graded credits (not including Pass/Fail, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, Credit/No Credit)

LSA Residency Requirements

____ 60 minimum in-residence credits (taken while on Ann Arbor campus)
____ 30 minimum credits while enrolled in LSA

____ 30 minimum in-residence credits of last 60

College Wide Requirements
____ First Year Writing Requirement (must earn a grade of "C-" or better)
____ Upper Level Writing Requirement (must earn a grade of "C-" or better)
____ Race and Ethnicity Requirement
____ Quantitative Reasoning Requirement
____ Language Requirement (must earn grade of "C-" or better) (not required for BGS)

Distribution Requirements (not required for BGS)

____ 7 credits in Humanities

____ 7 credits in Natural Sciences

____ 7 credits in Social Sciences

PLUS  3 additional credits in 3 of 5 areas: HU, NS, SS, MSA, and CE. Up to 9 hours may be ID.

Major and Minor Requirements
____ All requirements for the major complete (per most recent major release)
____ All minor requirements complete (per most recent minor release)

Additional BGS-only Requirements
____ 60 minimum upper-level credits
____ 40 minimum upper-level LSA credits
____ 20 maximum upper-level credits in any one department
____ 2.000 minimum cumulative GPA in upper level courses (BGS only)