The final degree audit determines if a student has met all degree requirements and can graduate. The final degree audit cannot be done until all grades have been posted, which usually does not occur until after commencement. When the final audit is done and the auditors have determined that a student has met all of the requirements, a verification e-mail will be sent to the student's umich.edu e-mail account, and the diploma will arrive about a month later. If the auditors determine that a student has not met the requirements, they will immediately send an e-mail to the student's umich.edu account telling the student that she/he is not yet able to graduate, and why. Select  FAQs or contact your auditing department (Residential College, Honors, or LSA Academic Auditors).

Prior to graduation, the auditors can provide a letter to students verifying that they are "on track" for graduation, as long as an audit has been done. After degrees have been conferred, you can order official transcripts from the Registrar's Office by clicking on Ordering Transcripts.

Degrees with Distinction

Degrees with distinction are awarded on the basis of rank, which is determined by the cumulative GPAs of the LSA graduates. Students who rank in the top 3% of the class receive a degree with "Highest Distinction," those in the top 10% receive "High Distinction," and those in the top 25% receive "Distinction." Levels of distinction are noted on both the diploma and the transcript. You can find recent distinction ranges here.


Diplomas are mailed to the permanent address provided by students when they apply for graduation on Wolverine Access. They are delivered about 4 weeks after degrees have been conferred. May graduates usually begin to receive their diplomas by the end of June, December graduates by the end of January, and August graduates by the end of September.

The Diploma Office, not the Academic Auditors Office, orders and sends your diploma. It also handles all diploma issues, including name and address changes. Please click on Diploma if you have more questions about your diploma.

Students with a double major receive one diploma, because they are earning only one degree (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry). Majors and minors are not listed on diplomas unless a student receives Honors in their major through the Honors Program. All majors and minors are listed on the official transcript once the student graduates and the degree is posted. 

Highest Honors/High Honors/Honors

Graduation with Honors is dependent upon the successful completion of an Honors major and recommendation from the department. There are four possible recommendations to the Honors Office: "Honors," "High Honors," "Highest Honors," or "No Honors." "No Honors" is given for work that does not meet departmental standards and for students with GPAs under 3.4; no notation is made on the diploma. Recommendations of Honors/High Honors/Highest Honors are posted on the transcript and diploma.