Understanding Your Audit

The auditors check your status on all requirements prior to sending you an audit. To aid them in this, they use a checklist similar to the LSA Requirement Checklist.

Below is an outline of the audit students receive from the LSA Academic Auditors' Office, with comments inserted to help clarify each section. If "complete" is written after a requirement, then your records show that you have completed the requirement and nothing more needs to be done (unless a change is made to your plan). If "complete" is not written after a requirement, then you still need to fulfill that requirement. The auditors will also note specific instructions that may help you complete the requirement (e.g.,who to petition to have a transfer course satisfy the First Year Writing Requirement).

Only completed courses with final grades posted can be used to fulfill degree requirements. However, the auditors will note (in parentheses) if you are enrolled in a course that will help you complete the requirement (when passed with the appropriate grade).

If you decide to take courses other than those listed in your major/minor release to fulfill requirements, then you must have the department submit an updated release to the auditors.

Learn about the details of any degree requirement at  LSA Academics & Requirements. Most of the requirements are straight forward, but the Distribution Requirement can be confusing. Distribution is designed to ensure that every LSA graduate will have an appreciation of several areas within the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. To this end, students are required to complete the following: 


7 credits HU

7 credits NS

7 credits SS

21 credits total



3 credits HU 

3 credits NS 

3 credits SS 

3 credits MSA 

3 credits CE 

3 credits ID (up to 9 credits) 

9 credits total

The audit uses the same abbreviations that are used in the on-line LSA Course Guide and the LSA Bulletin for distribution credit:

  • HU (Humanities)
  • NS (Natural Science)
  • SS (Social Science)
  • MSA (Math & Symbolic Analysis)
  • CE (Creative Expression)
  • ID (Interdisciplinary)

NOTE: Any coursework from your major department or any course that counts toward your major (including cognates) cannot count towards distribution credit.

If students have more than one major, then the auditors will choose a "primary" major that is most likely to fulfill the distribution requirement. If both majors are just as likely to be used as "primary," then we will give you all of the options available.

If you have questions about your audit, you may want to check out our FAQ page, or contact the LSA Academic Auditors' Office.

Example of Audit Letter

Date of Audit

Your Name, UMID, Unique Name

Degree applied for: BA, BS, BS-Chem, or BGS. If you want to change this, send an e-mail to lsa.auditors@umich.edu.

Graduation date applied for: The date you applied for in Wolverine Access. If you want to change this, send an e-mail to lsa.auditors@umich.edu.

Last term completed: The last term that was completed (i.e., grades posted) on your transcript.

This is your official Degree Audit from the LSA Academic Auditors' Office. Requirement completion is based on your transcript at the time the audit was done. We will automatically do a final audit at the end of the semester in which you have applied to graduate. If the final audit indicates that all of your requirements are complete we will approve you for graduation. In order to graduate in the period for which you applied, all coursework must be completed by (this date will be the first day of the month after graduation - May 1, September 1, or January 1. If your work is not completed by this date, then you need to apply for the following graduation period).

You are responsible for being aware of all rules and requirements that may impact your graduation, including repetition/sequencing rules. In addition, you are responsible for making sure that any changes to your remaining major/minor requirements are communicated to our office by the department.

If you need assistance selecting courses or understanding requirements, please make an appointment with your general advisor in the LSA Newnan Academic Advising Center by calling 734-764-0332, or with your major department advisor by contacting the department directly. If you have any questions about this audit or you want to change your graduation date, please contact the Auditors' Office by emailing lsa.auditors@umich.edu. You can also visit our website at  lsa.umich.edu/advising/graduation/understandingyouraudit. We recommend you keep a copy of this e-mail for your records.


Overall Credits (120 required): Most students must complete a minimum of 120 overall credits. The only exceptions to this are: 124 minimum for a BSChem degree, 130 minimum for a concurrent teaching certificate, and a 150 minimum for most students pursuing a joint degree with another school.

LSA Credits (100 required): Of the 120 credits above, 100 must be LSA credits.

B.S. Eligibility Credits (60 required): This will appear only on audits for students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree.

First Year Writing: All students are required to fulfill this requirement.

Upper Level Writing: All students are required to fulfill this requirement.

Race & Ethnicity: All students are required to fulfill this requirement.

Quantitative Reasoning: All students are required to fulfill this requirement.

Language: Only AB, BS, and BS-Chem students are required to fulfill this requirement.

Distribution: Only AB, BS, and BS-Chem students are required to fulfill this requirement. If this requirement is not fulfilled, we will use the standard Course Guide codes to denote what is needed. See above for details.

Note: Examples noted here might be:  unmet residency requirements,  needed clearance from the Dean's Office in order to graduate,  etc.



(Any changes to your Major or Minor Release must be submitted by the department advisor to the LSA Auditors.)

Every major and minor you have declared will be noted here.

After you have had an appointment with your major department advisors, they will enter a "release"  to your student file that lists all of your remaining requirements. If this information changes (e.g., you decide to use different cognates), you must request that the major/minor advisor submit an updated release before we can approve you for graduation.

NOTE: Courses that are being used for the major or minor cannot be elected Pass/Fail.

B.G.S. REQUIREMENTS (This will only appear on audits for students who are pursuing a Bachelor of General Studies)

Upper Level Credits (60 required): All BGS students must complete a minimum of 60 upper-level credits.

Upper Level LSA Credits (40 required): Of the 60 credits above, 40 must be LSA credits.