The Office of Academic Standards interprets the academic policies that govern LSA students. While students are responsible for knowing College and departmental requirements, academic standards advisors help students interpret academic policies as they apply to them individually.

The Academic Standards Board reviews petitions from LSA students for exceptions to the College's rules and regulations. In order to have the Board grant requests, students must demonstrate in their petition that their situation meets the criteria specific to each type of request. See below the listing of exceptions for detailed petitioning information.

Students who are members of the Honors program petition the Honors Academic Board; Residential College students petition the RC Board on Academic Standing

Requirement Waivers/Substitutions

Quantitative Reasoning, Race & Ethnicity, Writing Requirements, Distribution, Bachelor of Science courses, Language Requirement, Requirements for Majors and Minors


Auditing a Course

Request for Term Withdrawal


Retroactive Drop/Add

Retroactive Term Withdrawal

Petition FAQs

Petition Guidelines (PDF)
Exceptions to college policies may be granted only upon written petition to the Academic Standards Board.

Request for Audit Status (PDF)

Use this form if you are seeking to officially audit a course.

Petition for an Exception to the Late Drop Deadline (PDF)

Use after Period II, when the late drop period is over.

Request for Modification of Credit Hours — (PDF)

This form is to be used if you are modifying a course within the credit hour range that is allowed for the course -OR- If you want to take a course for more credit hours than the course is allowed.

Request for Term Withdrawal (PDF)

Students who wish to withdraw once classes have begun should contact the Academic Advising Center. Students who withdraw within the first drop/add period are assessed disenrollment and registration fees, but the registration...

Petition for Retroactive Term Withdrawal (PDF)

Students who want a term withdrawal after the last day of classes must petition. There is a one-year deadline, and you must make a case that you were unable to complete the term and unable to request a withdrawal during the term.

Incomplete, Time Extension for (PDF)

Use this form if you have an incomplete and extenuating circumstances cause you to need an extension beyond the deadline.