History of the Degree Program

In 1968, the faculty of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts voted to create the Bachelor in General Studies (BGS) degree. This degree remains an option for students with interdisciplinary or alternate academic interests, allowing them to pursue their interests in an individually designed degree program independent of departmental requirements.

The Bachelor in General Studies is an interdisciplinary degree which allows a student to combine subject areas and skills in a way that focuses intellectual development through a lens of interdisciplinarity. It requires a minimum of 120 credits and an overall grade point average (gpa) of 2.0. Within these 120 credits, students must fulfill specific requirements.

There is abundant evidence during the past thirty years that indicates acceptance of the degree. Employers and graduate schools give equal consideration to BGS students who meet the specific requirements of a graduate or professional school, who perform at a high level, and who select coherent undergraduate courses. Graduate and professional schools and employers are far more concerned with the courses selected and a student's performance than with a degree label.


Bachelor in General Studies Degree Program

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