What it Means to Do Interdisciplinary Study

The BGS and IMP are thematically based options. They allow a student to orchestrate an undergraduate program which is based on an underlying theme, as compared to an established major which is methodologically based.

The BGS and IMP advisors assists the student in the articulation of the theme and the determination of appropriate coursework to realize that theme. By definition, the theme of such a program is/must be interdisciplinary.

Interdepartmental Program — It is probably fair to say that there are as many types and kinds of BGS programs as there are students who have chosen this academic option. However, the program has been traditionally popular with students wishing to pursue and develop a wide variety of interdepartmental/interdisciplinary and pre-professional programs. Some typical examples of BGS programs which emphasize an interdepartmental approach to undergraduate education include urban studies with courses elected from the departments of sociology, political science, history, anthropology, and economics, and comparative European literature with courses in English, Greek, Latin, German, Romance, and Slavic languages and literatures. Other interdepartmental programs in area studies, as for example Latin American studies, various fields of the health sciences, international relations, and ecology have also been developed by BGS students.

Interdisciplinary Programs — Students with interests in course work from University of Michigan units other than LSA often choose the BGS degree program. For example, a student wishing to develop a program emphasizing ecological planning might elect natural science, geography, and environmental studies courses in LSA and appropriate courses (up to a maximum of 20 credits) from the School of Natural Resources and Environment. A student specializing in art history might benefit from course work elected in the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design.


Bachelor in General Studies Degree Program

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