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Types of BGS ProgramsIt is probably fair to say that there are as many types and kinds of BGS programs as there are students who have chosen this academic option. It has been traditionally popular with students wishing to pursue and develop a wide variety of ...

Teaching Certificate - It is possible to obtain a secondary teaching certificate with a BGS degree. Three sets of requirements must be considered: (1) the School of Education requirements for the teaching certificate; (2) the requirements for a teaching major and minor; and (3) the BGS requirement that no more than 20 credits from any one department may count toward the 60 upper-level credits required for the BGS degree.

Pre-Business - Many students interested in an entry level position in business, an MBA program, or a Master in Accounting program choose the BGS degree. It allows them to elect 20 credits from the School of Business Administration which, when combined with LS&A courses in economics, political science, English, psychology, communications, statistics, and computer science, provides a solid business-oriented program.

Pre-Law and Pre-Medicine - Pre-law students can put together a very successful BGS program combining courses which contribute to their understanding and use of language, their ability to reason logically, their ability to express themselves clearly and persuasively, and their awareness and understanding of contemporary political and social developments. Pre-medical students sometimes find it difficult to complete both the lower-level science requirements for medical school and the 60 credits of upper-level work required for the BGS degree. However, with careful planning, a pre-medical student can integrate a basic science program with upper-level courses to produce a meaningful BGS program.


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