Advantages and Options

The BGS program is not designed for students who lack a specific educational purpose or direction. These students ultimately flounder in the freedom of the BGS program for lack of clarity or purpose. Students are responsible for authoring their academic destiny and have the onus of responsibility for coherence and for articulating an underlying theme in the BGS program.  

Along with the advantages of the BGS program, however, there are some disadvantages for certain students. These should be carefully assessed by students who will need a considerable number of credits of lower-level course work, such as pre-medical or pre-dental students. Transfer students who elect the BGS program must be particularly careful in program planning. Very often students will transfer primarily lower-level credit and therefore are compelled to elect only upper-level (courses numbered 300 and above) course work at UM. In some cases, the upper-level work requires prerequisites of lower-level course work not already completed, thus requiring further lower-level work. A transfer student may not feel that he/she has enough "room" in the terms remaining to take much additional lower-level work and still graduate "on time." Therefore, transfer students who consider this option should work very closely with an academic advisor.


Bachelor in General Studies Degree Program

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