About IMP

The Individual Major Program (IMP) is an option for innovative and thoughtful students who wish to undertake a rigorous program of study within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts that is not available in an existing departmental major or interdepartmental program.  The Individual Major Program allows students to develop engaging, cutting-edge academic programs that integrate a rich array of disciplinary perspectives to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a given academic issue.  All proposed majors must have an identifiable academic focus and unifying theme and reflect the liberal arts perspective of LSA.  As with other LSA majors,students' proposed majors must stress the development of skills to think critically, understand and evaluate knowledge.

The Individual Major Program is not a primary major option.  Students should first investigate the wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary plan for the majors offered by the College and the wide degree of flexibility in the LSA degree requirements.  But if you don't find what you're looking for in the existing curriculum, read through the information for Prospective Students on this site and then come talk to the  Program Advisor  about your ideas for a proposal.

Recently Approved IMP Titles


"Rhetorical Power and Social Change"

"An Interdisciplinary Approach to Genetics" 


"Health Policy and Community Development"


"Perspectives on Religion and Spirituality" 

"Sound Media and Culture"

"Health Policy and the Social Determinants of Health" 


"Human-Animal Studies"

"Digital Environments Studies"

"Computational and Mathematical Modeling in Biology and Epidemiology"

"Visual and Digital Media Studies"

"Comparative Study of World Religions"

"The Economics of Health and Development"

"Social Justice"

"Human Health and Well-Being"

"The History, Culture, and Literature of Religion"


"Environmental Health"

"Global Women’s Health"

"Urban Studies"

"Urban Social Dynamics"

"Public Health"

"International Social Justice"

"Complex Economic Systems"


"Comparative Religious Studies"

"Human Rights"

"Computational Economics"

"Economics and Complex Systems"

"Agro-economy and Sustainability"

"Social Change and Activism"

"International Development and Social Change"

"Astrobiology and Evolutionary Developmental Biology"

"Peace and Social Justice"

"Islam and Social Justice"

"Urban Social Dynamics"

"Public Health"

"Global Health: Biological, Social, and Environmental Factors"


"Global Ecosystems, Energy Resources, and Public Health"

"Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Health"

"Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics"

"Bioethics through a Feminist Perspective"

"Criminal and Social Justice"

"Health and Nutrition"

"Social Dimensions of Nutrition"

"Wildlife Film Studies"

"Health, Medicine, and Culture"

"Child Development: Physical, Mental, and Social Perspectives"

"Psychosocial Health"


"Global Health with an Emphasis in Asia and Africa,"

"Global Health Disparities"

"Sustainable Developmental Systems and Public Policy"

"International Development and Social Justice"

"Urban and Metropolitan Studies"

"Religion, Society, and Politics"

"Architectural Psychology"

"Human Rights" 

"Global Change" 

"Social Revolution" 

"Religious Diversity" 

"Health Care and Health Disparities" 

"Medical Genetics" 

"Illness, Health, and Inequality" 

"Personal, Social, and Global Change"

"Modern Issues in Global Health"

 "Globalization: An Approach to Social Analysis and Future Change"