Senior Projects Registration Form

All ICP students are required to take a capstone seminar during the fall of their senior year.  
In this seminar students propose and peer-review senior project proposals for the winter term.  Proposals may take one of three forms: (a) research papers, (b) community-based projects, or (c) original creations (e.g., blogs, art, computer programs).  Options (b) and (c) must be accompanied by a shorter analytical writing assignment.

ICP senior projects completed for academic credit require a faculty sponsor who is willing to serve as the instructor of record for an independent study.  If you are willing to serve as the instructor of record for this student’s project, you and the student will agree upon the expectations for the independent study (e.g.,  readings, assignments, meeting schedule, and assessment) appropriate to the number of credits (1-3).  The student should share with you a 4-5 page research proposal, including a list of prospective readings and writing assignments, as the starting point for this conversation.  

When you have agreed on the requirements and number of credits for the independent study, please sign and return the Senior Project Registration Form and we will handle the registration process.  We have been granted permission to use UC 499 as the course number for these projects.  However, if you prefer to register the course as an independent study in your home department that is acceptable as well.  

We recognize that we are only able to provide this exceptional educational opportunity because dedicated faculty members are willing to donate their time to work with our students.  We have tried to design the capstone seminar to have students as prepared as possible for their senior projects.  If you have any concerns or suggestions, please feel free to share them with Tyrone Stewart, ICP Advisor, at