Academic Requirements & Policies

Academic Requirements 

  • Since the Individual Major Program leads to an A.B. or B.S. degree, students must meet the A.B./B.S. requirements (i.e., first-year writing, upper-level writing, second language, race and ethnicity, and quantitative reasoning, and an area distribution plan). NOTE: Students may complete the upper-level writing requirement by electing any course approved for that purpose, but are strongly encouraged to include an ULWR course in their Individual Major Program if possible.
  • An Individual Major Program must include a minimum of 34 upper-level credits (usually 300 & 400 lvl courses).  
  • As part of their proposed curriculum students in program must complete a Senior Seminar (UC 455, 3 credits) and Senior Project.  Credits from the seminar and project may be included in the required 34 upper-level credits.

Additional Policies 

  • A maximum of six non-LSA credits may be used for an Individual Major Program.
  • Students with an Individual Major Program may elect a double major; however, no course used for an Individual Major Program may be used as part of the second major.
  • No course used for an Individual Major Program may be used in an area distribution plan.  Courses used for a second major may also be used for area distribution, but Individual Major Program courses are always excluded from distribution.
  • Courses in departments from which students have 12 or more credits in their Individual Major Program may not be used for area distribution.
  • Like other LSA majors, a maximum of one course may be used for both an Individual Major Program and a minor.
  • Generally, proposals are not accepted after the end of a student's junior year. 
  • At the time of proposal submission, no more than half the courses for the proposed major can be completed and/or currently elected.