College Connections


Neel Hajra ('95, Physics)
"LSA empowered me to embrace my passion. To this day I'm still thankful for the opportunity to pursue such a broad range of academic and extracurricular activities."


Stephanie Powell ('99, History and English)
"I realized my dedication to helping people wasn't limited to the legal field. Now, my worst day at school is ten times better than my best day as a lawyer."


Anthony Cece ('96 English)
"Attending U-M gave me the chance to pursue ALL of my interests - from the study of English Literature to the study of Fine Arts and Graphic Design."


Edward Marks ('57, Political Science)
"I've been able to participate in history while representing my country."

The College Connections Program started in 2008 with the simple idea that LSA alumni should have a more active, and meaningful, role in the life of the College.  College Connections provides a space for alumni to express their feedback and an avenue for the alumni voice to be heard by LSA faculty and administration. 

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"It is my goal to strengthen the connections between the College and our extraordinary alumni. I hope you will join me in this effort." 

- Dean Andrew D. Martin

College Connections Annual Report 2015


The 2015 annual report is now available for download. For a (perhaps) surprising look at the inspiration behind the design on each page, check out this composite image of the report. 

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