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The Next Big Thing
Take a tour of tomorrow with LSA faculty and student prognosticators who aren’t content with simply predicting the future. They’re building a better one.

The Dead Elephant in the Room
Professor Dan Fisher hops into holes with preserved animals and fossils on a regular basis, going to great lengths to figure out how prehistoric humans used their available resources to survive.

The Searchers
In November 1942, a Coast Guard rescue plane carrying three American military men vanished in a storm of snow and wind in southeastern Greenland. Now, more than 70 years later, an unlikely team of civilian experts is partnering with the military to recover the plane.

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No Such Thing as Typical
Dan Habib fights for inclusive education for kids with disabilities, making documentaries and flying all over the world to speak on the subject.

Mapping Slavery in Detroit
Professor Tiya Miles and a team of students have spent two years researching and mapping the history of slavery in Detroit.

Too Much Football
Concussions and the right to unionize have dominated sports headlines. LSA takes a look at Allen Jackson, a Wolverine who aired similar grievances more than 60 years ago.

Even More Stories from LSA Magazine

Read about a genius's creative process, the places where LSA Is on the Map in Detroit, and the precision with which the College's Scientific Instrument Shop measures a thousandth of an inch

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