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Animated Life
Sharon Shattuck spent years preparing for a life in botany before moving to New York City to make documentary-style films. Here's how she flipped the script.

The Case for Diversity
Diversity is good for you. Not just in a warm and fuzzy way, and not just for select groups of people. Diversity creates better outcomes for everybody, as LSA professor Scott Page (A.B. '85) has shown to be mathematically true.

Mad Man
As the art world reconsiders artist Robert Heinecken’s legacy, History of Art Professor Matt Biro is hard at work writing the first book-length treatment of his life and work.

Adventures in Mathematics
LSA graduate student Olivia Walch combines calculations with comics, not to explain a bunch of stodgy rules, but to illustrate why MATH RULES.

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The Gene Team
The Michigan Synthetic Biology Team is rewriting the facts of life by altering or even creating new genes.

Forever Is a Long Time to Guess
After graduation, Charlene Kaye hit the road for New York City to find her voice. Now her thriving music career includes singing lead vocals with one of indie rock’s avant-garde standouts.

Who Calls the Shots?
Vaccines indisputably eliminated some deadly diseases. The rare cases where they do cause harm are heard by a specialized court that almost no one has heard of.

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Read about The Future of Comedy, Getting to the (Data) Point, and a poet who finds inspiration in the periodic table of elements.

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