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Down the Great River
U-M botanists Elzada Clover and Lois Jotter risked their lives collecting cacti on the Colorado River. They were also the first women to survive a trip through the Grand Canyon.

Toxic Tours and Chimp Lasers
Follow LSA students as they travel the world, measuring chimps with lasers and digitizing guerrilla radio broadcasts.

The Art of the Arab Uprisings
The protests of the Arab Spring gave voice to thousands of artists who filled squares and walls with plays, posters, murals, and—most surprisingly—jokes.

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We Meet Again Dory Gannes
LSA alumna Dory Gannes founded the Olevolos Project, which helps some of the neediest kids in Tanzania.

Dancing Queen
LSA alumna Nina Cavuluri confronts the firestorm about whether she's "American" enough to be Miss America.

Zombie Satellites and Other Space Trash Dangers
Thousands of satellites have entered orbit around Earth, which has yielded a new challenge — increasingly crowded orbits crammed with space debris.

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Read about the writer behind Thor: The Dark World, the redesign of National Parks Magazine, and the life and work of an airborne infantryman

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