Table of Contents


Burns Brightly (Open as PDF)


3 - Our Next Phase (Open as PDF)
5- Your Words (Open as PDF)
6 - In Short (Open as PDF)


10 - The Next Big Thing (Open as PDF)
20 - The Dead Elephant in the Room (Open as PDF)
26 - The Searchers (Open as PDF)

4.22 degrees N, 83.73 degrees W

37 - Animal House (Open as PDF)
40 - The Outsiders Archive (Open as PDF)

The Michigan Difference

43 - The "M" in Morocco (Open as PDF)
46 - No Such Thing as Typical (Open as PDF)
50 - Too Much Football (Open as PDF)
53 - Mapping Slavery in Detroit (Open as PDF)

Spin the Cube

57 - Socket to Me (Open as PDF)
60 - How to Finish College in an Hour (Open as PDF)
62 - In Detroit, LSA Is on the Map (Open as PDF)
63 - Dean Martin or Dean Martin (Open as PDF)

The Last Word

64 - The Only One (Open as PDF)

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