Take a Seat FAQs

How much time is left to ¬タワTake A Seat¬タン?
You may sponsor a seat while supplies last or until the Michigan Difference Campaign concludes on December 31, 2008 (whichever occurs first).

Can I reserve a seat and pay it off over time?
Yes, you can reserve a seat by making a pledge and paying it off over a year¬タルs time from the date of the pledge.

When will my name go up on the Donor Wall?
Once your seat is sponsored/paid in full, your name will be recorded on the wall. 

Can changes be made to the signage?
Changes can be made up until the auditorium sells out, at which time names will be permanently etched in glass on the Donor Wall.  Names will be printed on panels until that point in time.

How many names can be associated with a seat?
You can record up to 32 characters per sponsorship on the Donor Wall.  We will add on the LSA graduation year(s). 

Most alums use the following format:
    John H. Smith '85. 
If you are married to an LSA alum and want to share a seat, we suggest:
    John H. (¬タル85) and Mary D. (¬タル86) Smith. 
Should there be multiple LSA alumni in your family, we suggest the following format:
    The John H. Smith (¬タル85) Family. 

As you plan out your entry, remember that spaces and punctuation all count as characters. 

What if the Auditorium is renovated? What happens to my seat? 
If the auditorium is renovated, your seat will be replaced in the same locale at no charge.  Recognition signage will not change.

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