A Letter to Young Alumni

Dear College of LSA Young Alumni,

Let's be real: we just graduated. We're navigating first jobs and new places. We're now thinking about or have already realized how Michigan has prepared us to be where we are today and how it will help us with where we want to go in the future. And let's admit it, we're missing Ann Arbor.

We're also proud to be part of the College of Literature, Science & the Arts: We have degrees from one of the most respected liberal arts colleges in the nation! Of course, that means something different for everyone. That's the beauty of the liberal arts at LSA — it encompasses an incredibly diverse range of interests. Whether you studied microorganisms, microeconomics, or microbreweries, we hope that the LSA Dean's Young Alumni Council (DYAC) will be your way to tell us about your unique experience and your chance to encourage other recent grads to consider what their LSA degree means to them.

It is the inaugural year of the Council, and we want you to join us on the ground floor of this new project. We are aiming to change how LSA young alumni of the past five years (all 15,000 of us) are connected to the University through social media and events, and how we can impact the Dean's priorities right now, by helping current students.

No matter what you have to say or how much time you have to give, we hope you will consider being involved. It's the beginning of our legacy. Do it because you want to have an impact on your alma mater, and help us to show what big an impact our generation can have at U-M.

Go Blue: Live the Legacy,
Elizabeth and Jenny

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