The Dean's Young Alumni Council's mission is to engage young LSA alumni with the College of LSA, to encourage them to articulate what the liberal arts means to them, and to create a culture of giving at the nation's preeminent liberal arts college.The goal of creating a separate recent graduate effort is to target the demographic that is most important to College of LSA's long term future and engage them in a personal, meaningful way.

This advisory board serves as a small, highly engaged group of recent graduates that has created and is leading a larger peer to-peer network. The network will educate their peers about the importance of lifelong engagement and giving back to College, and offer feedback to the Dean, departments/programs, services, and the Development, Marketing and Communications department to improve College offerings.

The main goals of the Dean's Young Alumni Council are as follows:

  1. Advance the way young alumni are communicated to about College initiatives and philanthropy, as well as the way they think about their liberal arts education.
  2. Successfully support the Dean's initiative for an undergraduate internship program by finding internship opportunities and raising dollars for the LSA Fund for Student Internships.
  3. Create a report of young alumni interests and opinions to provide the Dean with usable feedback.
  4. Make the Dean's Young Alumni Council a sustainable, effective advisory board for the College of LSA.

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