Members of the Arab Student Association on the Diag

Photo by Zeinab Khalil

Students holding hands for Hafla on the Diag

Photo by Zeinab Khalil

Hijabi Monologues - for Women's Herstory Month. April 2013. (In the picture from left to right: Kawthar Mohamed, Saher Rathur, Nour Kashlan, Ann Soliman)

Photo by Zeinab Khalil

Welcome to Arab and Muslim American Studies

Today, an estimated 3.5 million Arabs and Arab Americans live in the United States. Arab Americans in Michigan constitute one of the largest Arab American populations in the U.S. Figures on the number of Muslims in the United States range widely from 3 to 12 million, many of whom are African American, South Asian American, and Arab American. The population of Muslims in the U.S. is diverse and includes a growing Latina/o Muslim population. In addition, the Arab region, its diasporas, Muslim Americans, and recent Muslim immigrants have become increasingly central to U.S. history and politics. Immigration and displacement by war and the forces of global economy are among the factors that have sparked movements of Arab and Muslim people to the United States.

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