Recent Graduates and Placement



Anne Bain-Nordberg Anthropology & Social Work

The Impact of Therapeutic Jurisprudence: A Critical Study of Toronto's Mental Health Court

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

Daniel Birchok Anthropology & History

Sojourning in Mecca's Verandah: Place, Temporality, and Islam in an Indonesian Province

Gallon, Matthew

Ideology, Identity, and the Construction of Urban Communities: The Archaeology of Kamphaeng Saen, Central Thailand (c. Fifth to Ninth Centuries CE)

Emily Hein               

The Semiotics of Diaspora:  Language Ideologies and Coptic Orthodox Christianity in Berlin, Germany

Federico Helfgott Anthropology & History

Transformations in Labor, Land and Community: Mining and Society in Pasco, Peru, 20th Century to the Present

Randall Hicks               


The Politics of Envy: Progress, Corruption, and Ethical Kinship among Bolivian Immigrants in Escobar, Argentina

International Relations Analyst, Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking, US Department of Labor

Sarah Hillewaert          


Between Respect and Desire: On Being Young, Pious, and Modern in an East African Muslim Town

Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Mississauga

Emily Holt       Anthropology & Classical Art and Archaeology

Economy and Environment in Complex Societies: A Case Study from Bronze Age Sardinia

Anneeth Kaur Hundle 

The Politics of (In)security: Reconstructing African-Asian Relations, Citizenship and Community in Post-Expulsion Uganda 

Research Fellow, Makerere Institute for Social Research, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

Brent Pav

Gestural Communication by Wild Chimpanzees 

Visiting Lecturer, University of California San Diego

Janak Rai

Activism as a Moral Practice: Cultural Politics, Place-Making and Indigenous Movements in Nepal

Faculty, Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Jessica Robbins- Ruszkowski          


Personhood in Places: Aging, Memory, and Relatedness in Postsocialist Poland 

Residential Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Lauren Sarringhaus               

Positional and Morphological Development of Wild Chimpanzees, Pan Troglodytes

Laura Stein Pardo

Artists, Aesthetics, and Migrations: Contemporary Visual Arts and Carribbean Diaspora in Miami, Florida

Ian Stewart Anthropology & History

The Tenacity of Bondage: An Anthropological History of Slavery and Unfree Labor in Sierra Leone

Uthara Suvrathan

Complexity on the Periphery: A Study of Regional Organization at Banavasi, c.1st - 18th Century A.D. 



Mary Block    Anthropology & Social Work

Infected Kin: AIDS, Orphan Care and the Family in Lesotho

Visiting Lecturer, Brown University

Zachary Cofran


Mandibular Growth in Australopithecus robustus 

Assistant Professor, Nazarbayev University

Andrew Conroe Anthropology & History

Generating History: Violence and the Risks of Remembering for Families of Former Political Prisoners in Post-New Order Indonesia

Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Cameron Gokee

Daily Life in the Land of Bambuk: An Archaeological Study of Political Economy at Diouboye, Senegal

Adjunct Faculty, Wayne State University

Kathryn Graber

Knowledge and Authority in Shift: A Linguistic Ethnography of Multilingual News Media in the Buryat Territories of Russia 

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow & Research Associate, Indiana University

Shayla Griffin Anthropology & Social Work

When the Black Kids Moved In: Racial Reproduction and the Promise of Intergroup Dialogue in an Exurban High School

Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for the Study of Black Youth in Context

Mary Kelaita

Morphological Variation of Two Howler Monkey Species and their Genetically Confirmed Hybrids

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, University of Texas at San Antonio

Dong Ju Kim Anthropology & History

Taking Better Care of the Fields: Knowledge Politics of Sugar Beet, Soil, and Agriculture after Socialism in Western Poland

Amanda Logan

A History of Food Without History: Food, Trade, and Environment in west-central Ghana in the Second Millennium, AD 

Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Khori Newlander

Exchange, Embedded Procurement, and Hunter-Gatherer Mobility: A Case Study from the North American Great Basin

Visiting Assistant Professor, Hamilton College

Maria Perez

Exploration, Science, and Society in Venezuela's Cave Landscape 

PROF-DOC Fellow & Adjunct Faculty, West Virginia University

Guillermo Salas        Carreno


Negotiating Evangelicalism and New Age Tourism Through Quechua Ontologies in Cuzco, Peru 

Postdoctoral Fellow, Université Laval

Marissa Sobolewski


The Hormonal Correlates of Male Chimpanzee Social Behavior 

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Rochester Medical Center

Stephen Sparks Anthropology & History

Apartheid Modern: South Africa's Oil from Coal Project and the History of a Company Town

Assistant Professor, University of Johannesburg

Tam Perry      Anthropology & Social Work

Leaving Home in Late Life: Voluntary Housing Transitions of Older Adults as Gift Giving Practices in the Midwestern United States

Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Howard Tsai


An Archaeological Investigation of Ethnicity at Las Varas, Peru

Visiting Assistant Professor, Centro Tinku

Andrew White


The Social Networks of Early Hunter-Gatherers in Midcontinental North America 

Vanessa Will

Why Kenny Can't Can: The Language Socialization Experiences of Gaelic-Medium Educated Children in Scotland



Danna Agmon          Anthropology & History

An Uneasy Alliance: Traders, Missionaries, and Tamil Intermediates in Eighteenth-Century French India

Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Marisabel Almer                               

Remembering Angola - Cuban Internationalism, Transnational Spaces, and the Politics of Memories

Veronique Belisle      


Ak'awillay: Wari State Expansion and Household Change in Cusco, Peru (AD 600-1000) 

Visiting Assistant Professor, Millsaps College

Mollie Callahan         


Signs of the Time: Kallawaya Medical Expertise and Social Reproduction in 21st Century Bolivia 

Postdoctoral Fellow, Oberlin College

Jennifer Carballo


Social Interaction and Variation in Middle Formative Tlaxcala, Mexico: An Analysis of Ceramics from Two Village Societies 

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Christina Davis          


Education in the Language of Conflict: Linguistic and Social Practice among Sri Lankan Ethnic Minority Youth 

Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University

Roxanna Duntley-Matos Anthropology & Social Work

Transformative Accomplices: Multicultural Community Organizing in a Transnational Educational Context

Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University

Elizabeth Falconi       


Migrant Stories: Zapotec Transborder Migration and the Production of a Narrated Community 

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Wellesley College

Kelly Fayard     


"We've always known who we are": Belonging in the Poarch Band of Creek Indians 

Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College

Sherina Feliciano- Santos                      

An Inconceivable Indigeneity? The Historical, Cultural, and Interactional Dimensions of Puerto Rican Taino Activism

Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

J. Henrike Florusbosch


The Powers of Observation: Ideologies and Practices of Paying Attention among rural Malian Muslims in Mande

Lecturer, Leiden University

Bridget Guarasci        


Reconstructing Life: Environment, Expertise, and Political Power in Iraq's Marshes 2003-2007

Visiting Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College

Laura Heinemann Anthropology & Social Work

Transplanting Kinship: Transplantation, Kin Relatedness, and Daily Home Life in the U.S. Midwest

Assistant Professor, Creighton University

Claire Insel                 


Shifting Publics and Shifting Alignments in a Sprachinsel in Southern Brazil

Editor & Translator, Will Hall Books

Joshua Irizarry


A Forest for a Thousand Years: Cultivating Life and Disciplining Death at Daihonzan Sojiji, a Japanese Soto Zen Temple

Lecturer, Bridgewater State University

Simon Jo-Keeling             


Musicking Tradition in Place: Participation, Values, and Banks in Bamileke Territory

Freelance Editor

Hemanth Kadambi         


Sacred Landscapes in Early Medieval South India: the Chalukya state and society (ca. AD 550-750)

Assistant Professor, Illinois State University

Nathalie Koc- Menard


Social Mediation and Social Analysis:  The Discourse of Marginality in a Theater of War

Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Julie Lesnik               


Tools and Termites: Implications for the Foraging Behavior of the Swartkrans Hominids

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Rafael Boglio Martínez Anthropology & Social Work

The Politics of Grassroots Support: NGO Promoted Community-Based Social Change in Contemporary Puerto Rico

Faculty, Metropolitan University (Puerto Rico)

Emily McKee 


Socializing Landscapes, Naturalizing Conflict: Environmental Discourses and Land Conflict in the Negev Region of Israel

Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University

Elizabeth Miller  


Breastfeeding and Immunity in Ariaal Mothers and Infants

Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Janam Mukherjee Anthropology & History

Hungry Bengal: War, Famine, Riots, and the End of Empire, 1939-1946

Resident Fellow, Yale University

Davorka Radovcic                              


The Implications of Variation in Late Pleistocene Levantine Crania for Understanding the Pattern of Human Evolution

Croatian Natural History Museum

Xochitl Ruiz              


Dining in Bethlehem: Food, Charity, and Growing Old in Bogota

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto St. George

Kirstin Swagman 


Language Names and Norms in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology & Web Communications Specialist, University of Nevada Reno

Joanna Tatomir    


The Nutritional Use of Thai Medicinal Plants and the Etiology of Breast Cancer in Thai Women

Amanda Terc            


Syria's New Neoliberal Elite: English Usage, Linguistic Practices and Group Boundaries 

Lecturer, Northwestern University

Cecilia Tomori          


The Moral Dilemmas of Nighttime Breastfeeding: Crafting Kinship, Personhood and Capitalism in the U.S. 

Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Susanne Unger          

Cultivating Audiences: Filmbildung, Moral Education, and the Public Sphere in Germany 

Visiting Assistant Professor, Kenyon College



Laura Brown

Tipping Scales with Talk: Conversation, Commerce, and Obligation on the Edge of Thanjavur, India

Elana Buch Anthropology & Social Work

Making Care Work: Sustaining Personhood and Reproducing Inequality in Home Care of Older Adults in Chicago, IL

Rebecca Carter

The Blessed Placemakers: Violent Crime, Moral Transformation, and Urban Redevelopment in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Susanne Cohen

Communicating Change in a Transforming State: Globalization and the Politics of Office Communication in Urban Russia

Allison Davis

Excavations at Yuthu: A Community Study of an Early Villiage in Cusco, Peru (400-100 BC)

Paul Duffy

Complexity and Autonomy in Bronze Age Eurpoe: Assessing Cultural Developments in Eastern Hungary

Heloise Finch-Boyer Anthropology & History

Governing Rights in La Reunion: Social Legislation, Landholding, Housing, and the Making of France in the Indian Ocean 1946-2009

Daphne Gallagher

Farming Beyond the Escarpment: Society, Environment, and Mobility in Precolonial Southeastern Burkina Faso

Emanuela Grama Anthropology & History

Searching for Heritage Building Politics: Architecture, Archaeology, and Imageries of Social Order in Romania (1947-2007)

Margarita Huayhua

Runama Kaniicha Alquchu?: Everyday Discrimination in the Southern Andes

Kairos Marquardt

Nightlife Emergency: Controlling Night Spaces and Governing Citizen Security in Highland Peru

Laura McClellan

Artful Marketing: Visual and Aural Selling Practices in the Suqs (Marketplaces) of Damascus, Syria

Daniel Pugh

The Swantek Site: Late Prehistoric Oneota Expansion and Ethnogenesis

Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar

Andalusian Encounters: Immigration, Islam, and Regional Identity in Southern Spain