Gregory Storms

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Gregory Storms

Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology

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    Greg Storms is a doctoral candidate in sociocultural anthropology and is finishing up his graduate certificate in LGBTQ Studies through the Women's Studies Department. The attached photograph is from fieldwork conducted at the May 2012 International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago, Illinois. 

    I am conducting ethnographic research in the northern community areas of Chicago, Illinois examining the effects of urban (re)development and land use practices on queer community transformation. I am specifically investigating the effects of these polices and practices on the circulation of queer male subcultures and institutions throughout Chicago, with a special focus on gay kinksters, gay men who regularly engage in fetishistic sexual practices, such as sadomasochism and leather and latex fetishism, as well as the social fields associated with these subcultures. I examine the patterns of social stratification among queer men that emerge in connection to these broader economic and geographic changes in the city. In the process, I also consider how the intersections of erotic identity, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status impact the social organization of queer men in the context of Chicago's special political economic history.

    My secondary research interests are centered in Spain's cultural history, especially surrounding its film industry. Trained as a media anthropologist, I foresee future research projects including ethnographic investigations into North American and Spanish film production. I am also deeply interested in digital ethnography and applications of theories of digital ontologies to anthropological research in both of these geographic areas.