Ph.D. dissertations on Asian/Pacific Islander American Topics

(Bold entries are dissertations completed in the Program in American Culture.)


  • Dean Saranillio. Seeing Conquest: Colliding Histories and the Cultural Politics of Hawai'i Statehood.


  • Jan Bernabe. Improbable Visions: Filipino Bodies, U.S. Empire and the Visual Archives.


  • Robin Li. Being Good Chinese: Chinese Scholarly Elites and immigration in Mid-Century America.


  • Chi-Ying Cheng. Bicultural Identities: Determinants, Processes, and Effects. (Psychology)
  • Janna Kim. Sexual Socialization Among Asian Americans: A Multi-Method Examination of Cultural Influences. (Psychology)
  • Belinda Kong. Species of Afterlife: Translation and Displacement in Twentieth-Century Chinese-English Contexts (Arthur Miller, Gao Xingjian, Maxine Hong Kingston, Amy Tan, Ha Jin). (English)
  • Grace Wang. Soundtracks of Asian America: Music, Race, and National Belonging.


  • Ming-Chuan Chang. Behavioral and Sociocultural Influences on Physical Activity among Asian-American Youth. (Health Sciences)
  • Wendy Cheng. Overt and Covert Narcissism in Asian Americans, European Americans, and Asians. (Psychology)
  • Nhi Lieu. Private Desires on Public Display: Vietnamese American Identities in Entertainment.
  • Cynthia Wu. “The Mystery of Their Union ”: Cross-Cultural Legacies of the Original Siamese Twins.


  • Akane Zusho. Culture, Self, and Goals: An investigation into the motivational processes of bicultural Asian-American and Anglo-American college students. (Psychology)
  • Nadia Kim. Guests in Someone Else’s House? Korean Immigrants in   Los Angeles   Negotiate American “Race,” Nationhood, and Identity. (Sociology)


  • Grace Chow. The Cultural Context of Perfectionism and Psychological Outcome: Investigating a stress-mediated model with Asian American and European American students (Psychology)
  • Evelyn Flores. Rewriting Paradise : Countering Desire, Denial, and the Exotic in American Literary Representations of the Pacific. (English)
  • Anna Pegler-Gordon. In Sight of America: Photography and U.S. Immigration Policy, 1880-1930
  • Susan Sy. Parent Involvement and Children’s Transition to School in Asian American and European American Families. (Psychology)
  • Damon Williams. Ethnic Identity, Integration and Academic Outcomes: A study of African American, Asian Pacific America, and Latino/a Students. (Psychology)


  • Kimberly Alidio. Between Civilizing Mission and Ethnic Assimilation: Racial Discourse, United States Colonial Education, and Filipino Ethnicity, 1901-1946. (History)
  • Barbara Won Kim. Race, Space, and Identity: Examining Asian American Racial and Ethnic Formations in the Midwest . (Sociology)
  • Daryl Maeda. Forging Asian American Identity.
  • Bruce Randel. Achievement Values: A Comparison of Asian American and European American Adolescents. (Educational Psychology)


  • Dames, Vivian. Rethinking the Circle of Belonging: American Citizenship and the Chamorros of  Guam . (English)
  • Inkelas, Karen Kurotsuchi. Demystifying the Model Minority: The Influences of Identity and the College Experience on Asian Pacific American Undergraduates’ Racial Attitudes. (Sociology)
  • Rapeepanchanok Thongthiraj. “To Be or Not To Be . . . Is the Question?” Race and Identity Transformations in Asian American Literature.


  • Kimberly Ann Goyette. The College Attendance of Asian Americans. (Sociology)
  • David Shih. Representation and Exceptionalism in the Asian American Autobiography (Sui Sin Far, Onoto Watanna). (English)


  • Shipa Dave. Alien States: Colonial Fetishisms and Asian-American Migrations. (English)
  • Reshela DuPuis. Documenting Community: Activist Videography in Hawai’i.
  • Morris Young. Literacy, Legitimacy, and the Composing of Asian-American Citizenship. (English)
  • Amy Kyung Wha Lee. Married Korean Women in the United States: Determinants of Employment in Comparative Perspective. (Sociology)
  • LeiLani Nishime. Creating Race: Genre and the Cultural Construction of Asian-American Identity.


  • Xianglei Chen. Educational Achievement of Asian-American Students: A Generational Perspective. (Sociology)
  • Shi-Qui Cui. “Gender and Representation in Chinese New Cinema: A Cross-Cultural Analysis.
  • Joseph D. Won. Yellowface Minstrelsy: Asian Martial Arts and the American Popular Imaginary.


  • Thomas Fujita Rony. “They Did Me A Great Wrong”: History and Meanings of the Japanese American Exclusion and Incarceration.


  • David Mitchell. Conjured Communities: The Multiperspectival Novels of Amy Tan, Toni Morrison, Louise Erdrich, Julia Alvarez and Cristina Garcia.


  • K. Scott Wong. Encountering the Other: Chinese Immigration and Its Impact on Chinese and American Worldviews, 1875-1905. (History)


  • M. Jeanne Swanson. The Impact of Acculturation Experiences on Five Southeast Asian Refugee Families in the   United States: Implications for Adult Education.


  • Mark Langberg. Residential Segregation and the Assimilation Process: The Case of Asian Americans in 1980. (Sociology)


  • Jon Matsuoka. Vietnamese in America: An Analysis of Adaptational Patterns. (Sociology)