APIA Studies Minor

The academic minor in Asian/Pacific Islander American (A/PIA) Studies is intended for students who wish to develop a coherent understanding of the contributions of the A/PIA presence in American life, history and thought.

The rubric “Asian Pacific American” or “Asian and Pacific Islander American” designates the diverse populations of U.S. residents whose ancestors are from the region of the world that spans the South Asian subcontinent through East and Southeast Asia, and the islands of the Pacific.  The demographic diversity within Asian Pacific American communities has spawned rich interventions in the study of historical and contemporary American life and culture. A/PIA Studies seeks to document and interpret the histories, cultures, and social concerns of these communities.

Requirements (15 credits):

Required Course:

ASIANPAM/AMCULT 214 Introduction to Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies (3 credits).


Four courses, with a minimum of 12 credits from any of the courses listed below (substitutions by approval). One of these four courses may be a 100-level course (e.g. Freshman Seminar on an A/PIA topic).

  • ASIANPAM/AMCULT 301: Topics in Asian/Pacific Society
  • ASIANPAM/AMCULT 305: Asian/Pacific Community and Service Learning
  • ASIANPAM/AMCULT 311: or ASIANPAM/AMCULT 498: Capstone Seminar in Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies
  • ASIANPAM/AMCULT 314: Asian American History
  • ASIANPAM/AMCULT 317: History of Pacific Islands
  • ASIANPAM/AMCULT 324: Asian American Literature
  • ASIANPAM/AMCULT 325: Pacific Literature and Cultural Studies
  • AMCULT 346: Asian Pacific Communities/Social issues
  • AMCULT 347: Pacific Islander American Communities/Social issues
  • ASIANPAM/AMCULT 352: Asian/Pacific Islander American Cultural Performance
  • AMCULT/ASIANPAM 353/HISTORY 454: Asians in American Film &Television
  • AMCULT 355: The Hawaiian Hula