Minor Requirements

Requirements (15 credits):

1.) ASIANPAM/AMCULT 214 Introduction to Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies (3 credits).

2.) Four courses, with a minimum of 12 credits. These courses may be taken from within, or from across, any of the three areas of specialty listed below that are regularly offered in A/PIA, as well as other 200 and 300 level courses occasionally offered in A/PIA. One of these four courses may be a 100-level course (e.g. Freshman Seminar on an A/PIA topic), while 200 and 300 level courses with A/PIA content offered in other departments can count if approved by the A/PIA Director:

a.) Historical Experience: ASIANPAM/AMCULT 314 Asian American History; ASIANPAM/AMCULT 317 History of Pacific Islands; ASIANPAM/AMCULT 310 or ASIANPAM/AMCULT 498 Capstone Seminar in  Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies

b.) Cultural Expression: ASIANPAM/AMCULT 324 Asian American Literature; ASIANPAM/AMCULT 325 Pacific Literature and Cultural Studies; ASIANPAM/AMCULT 311 or ASIANPAM/AMCULT 498 Capstone Seminar in  Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies

c.) Contemporary Communities/Social Issues: AMCULT 346 Asian Pacific Communities/Social issues; AMCULT 347 Pacific Islander American Communities/Social issues; ASIANPAM/AMCULT 305 Asian/Pacific Community and Service Learning; ASIANPAM/AMCULT 301 or 310 Topics in Asian/Pacific Society