Harjeet Grewal

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Religious Hermeneutics of South Asia

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Center for South Asian Studies
    • Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies
  • Fields of Study
    • Religious Hermeneutics of South Asia
    • Continental Philosophy of Religion
  • About

    Harjeet works on aspects of the intersection of Sikh visual cultural and textual hermeneutical traditions. He has an interest in issues pertaining to challenges facing Sikhs via contemporary Diasporic formulations of the Sikh tradition. He is also interested in the early intellectual inheritance of the Sikhs represented in early modern devotional texts. Lastly, and stemming from his background in biology, he works on the intersection of science and biology in modern Sikh religious discourse. Currently, he is working on a project related to the negotiation of public space through the use of religious exegesis and hagiography.

  • Education
    • B.Sc., University of Alberta, 2000
    • B.A., University of British Columbia, 2003
    • M.A., University of British Columbia, 2005
  • Languages (other than English)
    • Punjabi
    • Hindi
    • Urdu
    • Persian
    • Arabic
    • French