Kevin Mulholland

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Kevin Mulholland

Japanese Literature and Book History

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Center for Japanese Studies
    • Japanese Family Health Program
  • Fields of Study
    • Japanese Literature
    • Popular Cultural Studies
  • About

    Kevin's research at the University of Michigan is best represented by his dissertation “Reprinting Osaka: Authorship, Copyright, and Corporatism in Nineteenth Century Japan,” which focuses on Osaka as a publishing center from the 1780s until the 1880s and the role the city’s printers played in acquiring, reprinting, and distributing successful works of fiction published in Edo.  His project highlights how the relationship between reprinting and intellectual property became an essential component in the conceptualization of authorship and copyright in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Japan.  By concentrating on how material and personnel moved into and out of the Osaka book market, and how that book market participated in a nation-wide system for the circulation of texts, “Reprinting Osaka” will trace shifting attitudes of publishers, readers, and writers in nineteenth-century Japan towards the differences between an original text and its reproduction.

  • Education
    • B.A., Indiana University, 2006
    • M.A., University of Chicago, 2008
  • Languages (other than English)
    • Japanese
    • Mandarin Chinese