Asian Studies Minor

Eya Dao Le, Father and Son by Mountains

Asian Studies Academic Minor



  • At least three courses in Asian Studies (ASIAN) offered through the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures within one regional area: China, Japan, Korea, South Asia, or Southeast Asia. 
  • Two courses must be elected at the 300-level or above. Students may not use 100-level classes towards the minor plan.
  • An Asian Studies minor plan may also be organized around disciplines or lines of inquiry not necessarily defined by a region (e.g. Asian literature, film, religion, etc.).

All courses must be approved by an ALC academic advisor. 

Twelve of the credits must be elected at UM-Ann Arbor or at an overseas program associated with the university. 

No language courses can be counted towards this program. 

Asian Studies Minor Check-list (PDF)

Asian Studies Minor FAQs

When should I declare an Asian Studies minor?
You can declare the minor once you have a declared major. There are no prerequisites for the Asian Studies minor!


Can I focus on more than one area of Asia?

Yes.  The Asian Studies minor is flexible enough to allow students to jump around between all five regions represented in the ALC curriculum. But, if students choose to do this, the courses have to be organized around a discipline (literature, religion, history, etc.). If you would like to focus your minor on a discipline rather than on a single region, you should speak to an advisor so that a cohesive program can be planned.


Can I get a major and a minor within ALC?
Yes. Students wishing to focus on more than one area are encouraged to declare both a major and a minor.  Know that the focus of the major and the minor cannot be the same and the coursework should not overlap. For instance, a student getting a Chinese Studies major should not get a Chinese Studies minor.


Can I get two minors within ALC?

No. Students cannot have more than one minor in a department.


Can I use language credits towards the Asian Studies minor?
No. Students wanting to use language credits towards a minor are encouraged to consider the Asian Languages and Cultures minor.


Can I use study abroad credit towards my minor?
Yes. The Asian Studies minor allows for up to 3 credits to be transferred in from study abroad. Please see the study abroad webpage on our site for more information.


The minor says, “All courses must be approved by an ALC academic advisor.” Is that true?
Yes.  Due to the flexible nature of the minor, no courses are automatically approved to meet the requirements. Which courses to take is a conversation that must happen before semesters in which you will be taking a course to fulfill a minor requirement. These conversations are to be with an advisor—either through a one-on-one advising session, an email to, or the Google Hang-out advising sessions (only open to declared students). During these appointments, the courses are then added to your progress towards degree (PTD) worksheet that is stored on your advising file. If you do not get approval from an advisor, there is no guarantee that the courses you have chosen to take can be used towards the minor requirements.