Monoceros Ring
Work by graduate student Colin Slater and Prof. Eric Bell was recently highlighted by the journal Nature. Read More"

Prof. Sharon’s work featured
Prof. Keren Sharon was part of the team whose work was featured in a recent Hubble Space Telescope press release. Read More…

We're Moving!
After more than 50 years on the top floors of the Dennison building, the department packs up and heads down the sidewalk. Read More…

Fred Adams Collegiate Professorship
In May, Fred Adams was awarded a Collegiate Professorship, one of the highest honors in the college.

Tracing Carbon
Astronomy Professor Ted Bergin’s new grant draws interdisciplinary expertise to trace the origins and fate of Earth’s carbon. Image: Tim Wetherell. More.

2014 Orren C. Mohler Prize Lecture
"Lighting up the Universe: Witnessing Cosmic Dawn" by Professor Martha P. Haynes. Cornell University. See photos.

Former U-M Observatory Becomes First Digital Planetarium in sub-Saharan Africa
Dedication attended by Astronomy Research Professor Patrick Seitzer. More.

A Feast for the Eyes
U-M Astronomers have front-row seats as our galaxy’s central black hole prepares to feast on a giant gas cloud. More.

AST 461
Astro 461, "Ground-Based Observatories", is a new Spring-term course for Astronomy majors held in residence at Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona. More

Remains of Young Supernova Found by U-M Astronomer
A composite image of the remains of a young supernova, approximately 26,000 light years away in the constellation Centaurus. More

Green Pea galaxies <a href= More" title="Green Pea galaxies More" />

Green Pea Galaxies
Green Pea galaxies could help astronomers understand evolution of the early universe. More

Welcome to Astronomy

The University of Michigan Department of Astronomy may have established one of the first research observatories in the Midwest more than 150 years ago, but more than anything, it’s a young and vibrant department. That’s because we’ve spent the last decade hiring exceptional faculty, investing in high-profile facilities, and restructuring our curriculum — all to propel our graduates into the top ranks of the field. We invite you to explore our website or download our graduate viewbook, Transformations, to learn more.

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Professor Losh Honored

The Department is honoring legendary Astronomy Professor Hazel "Doc" Losh for her commitment to undergraduate education with the Losh Undergraduate Student Support Fund.



Doc Losh