Doc Losh Undergraduate Student Support Fund

The Department is honoring legendary Astronomy Professor Hazel "Doc" Losh for her commitment to undergraduate education with the Losh Undergraduate Student Support Fund. Gifts to the fund will honor a beloved teacher, alumna, and sports fan who devoted some 42 years to teaching at U-M.

Losh's University career held innumerable distinctions. She was one of U-M's first-everFirst image: Professor Hazel Losh on the football field with Michigan Letterman, Hazel M. Losh Papers, Box 2 astronomy PhDs, earning her MA in '22 and PhD in '24, then serving on the faculty from 1927-1969. She gave frequent public lectures and hosted a monthly astronomy program on U-M's public radio station. She was also an irrepressible sports fan, with sideline passes under three football coaches. She was named U-M's "Forever Homecoming Queen," and her boosterism was even featured in a 1964 article in Sports Illustrated. In the 1970s Losh was instrumental in saving the Detroit Observatory from the wrecking ball and paving the way for future renovation. But she is best known for her teaching. Her courses, like the popular Introductory Astronomy for Non-Majors, cast an unusually wide net; Losh taught nearly 2,000 students a year at her peak. Cited by scores as their favorite professor, Losh is remembered for encouraging students to appreciate the power of scientific problem-solving with her signature question: "How did astronomers figure this out?"

It's this spirit of inquisitiveness and knowledge-seeking the Losh Fund celebrates. Gifts to the fund support a number of student-centered activities:

  • $50 supports one "question and answer" lunch for our weekly colloquium speaker and students
  • $100 sends one student to a scientific meeting
  • $300 funds a student's week-long stay at the Magellan telescopes
  • $1,000 hosts a distinguished visiting astronomer for public lectures and class discussions

Please join us in honoring Doc Losh's extraordinary educational legacy. Click here to make your online gift now.