Graduate Student Profiles

What are our current graduate students working on, and what do they most value about their experience at Michigan Astronomy? We've asked some students to share their stories. For a complete list of our graduate students and a description of their research, please see our Graduate Student page in the People section.

Jeb Bailey

Instrumentation & Exoplanets | Advisor: Mario Mateo

Jeb Bailey designed and built key systems for his advisor’s new multi-object spectrograph and is using it to search for exoplanets.

“The department was supportive of Mario having a first-year graduate student working on this major grant… Usually it would have been a postdoc doing this work.”

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Ilse Cleeves

Protoplanetary Disks | Advisor: Ted Bergin

Ilse Cleeves studies the chemical and physical properties of young circumstellar disks, with a focus on ionization.

Cleeves' research on the origins of water in the universe, published in Science, has received national press coverage from TIME magazine to NPR's Science Friday. 

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Dan Gifford

NSF Fellowship | Galaxy Clusters | Advisor: Chris Miller

Dan Gifford is working to make the caustic method a more accessible method for measuring the mass of galaxy clusters.

“This is an encouraging, collaborative department. Grad school is demanding, so that support system is really important.”

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Colin Slater

Dwarf Galaxies | Advisor: Eric Bell

Colin Slater is using computational modeling to explore the properties of local dwarf galaxies. 

Work by Slater and his advisor exploring the stellar overdensity in the Monoceros Ring was recently highlighted in the journal Nature.

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