NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship | Black Holes | Advisor: Jon Miller

PhD Research: Ashley King is researching how accretion onto black holes, which is seen in X-ray, affects the production of jets, which is seen in radio. Rather than looking at individual measurements across multiple galaxies, King is comparing inflows and outflows within a single galaxy over multiple points in time. “We’re looking at these observations simultaneously,” she says, “So, if we see a flare in the X-ray, we can determine if we’ll see a flare in the radio at the same time or later indicating jet production.” She is interested ultimately in what is driving these jets, from magnetic fields to radiation pressure. She plans next to compare various sizes of black holes to determine how mass affects their outflows.

Why Michigan Astronomy?

Support: “This is a great young department that’s very driven. We’re also strong in the field of black holes, both observationally and theoretically. My advisor freely shares research ideas and data, and organizes meetings so I can see what his postdocs are doing and vice versa. One of them just pointed out a new test I could do to make my paper stronger. I really appreciate that kind of support.”