Hugh Aller

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Hugh Aller

Ralph Baldwin Professor of Astronomy

University of Michigan Department of Astronomy
1085 S. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Office Location(s): 301B West Hall
Phone: 734.764.3466

  • About

    Radio emission from AGNs

    Hugh D. Aller studies the properties of radiation from relativistic jets launched by massive black holes in distant galaxies.  In particular, he studies those in which the jets are aimed at us - often called "blazars" - in the radio band.  This research has used long-term monitoring observations of the total flux density, linear polarization, and circular polarization at three frequencies in the centimeter band obtained with the University of Michigan 26-m telescope (UMRAO).  The monitoring efforts -- led by Hugh -- have followed hundreds of sources over several decades. The variations observed in the radio emission from these jets have permitted constraints to be placed on the physical conditions near to the black holes. This research program is done in collaboration with MOJAVE, a VLBA key program dedicated to characterizing the nature of these relativistic jets.

    Related Interests

    Jets, superluminal behavior, radio instrumentation.


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